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Surrounded by deep forests Småland is a place for expericen of all its kinds. Around our cottages there are lots of intresting places that can offer something for everyone. History, culture, nature, adventure or relaxation. Here are some tips for some of the nearby attractions (please click headlines for more information):

» Kleva gruva
An old goldmine close to Vetlanda that shut down in the 1920 but in 91 opend up again but for tourism this time. Here you can explore the mine, but also do other activities in connection to the site. Climbing, search for gold, treasurehunt both for kids and grownups.

» High chaparall
Experience the Wild West in High Chaparall. Here your whole family can travel back in time to see how things was far back in time.

» Astrid Lindgrens World
In Vimmerby you can find famous author, Astrid Lindgrens world where you can see and walk around in the places from her books.

» the Kingdom of Crystal
Småland not only know for its deep forests but also for all the crystal workshops in the area. Here you can experience both culture and history by visting and see how this craftmanship works.

» Öland
This island is famous for its nice beaches and its beutiful nature. Take the car one day to see for yourself.

» Adventurebath
If you dont want to travel all the way to Öland you can got to Sävsjö instead and take a swim in the adventurebath.

» Fishing
Catch a big fish in the waters of Tjurken. Both and permissition to fish can easily be arranged and if you cant get that fish theres a wide birdlife surroinding the lake. You can also take a swim in the nice water.

» Vetlanda Turistbyrå
Here you can find more information about places in the surrounding!